About Us

Before this website was even an idea, I had stumbled upon my favorite Youtuber's website; MrJWW.com. His "About Us" page was so inspiring, I told myself that if I was ever lucky enough to have my own website someday, I'd come back to it and use it as a template. Well, that day is here, and I have two tabs open on my internet browser; www.mustanghunters.com & www.mrjww.com/our-story. 

What you are reading now was written at exactly half past two in the morning of Spetember 17th 2018, I am listening to my neighbor's Toyota Rav4 alarm go off for the third time this night, and so far I have been working on the MustangHunters Instagram page for around 2 years now, and one day i’ll hopefully look back and think “Wow, all that work actually paid off”! 

I am an ultra passionate petrolhead. I grew up with car posters hanging on my bedroom walls, buckets full of toy cars, folders full of car drawings, etc. You get the idea. If you're wondering how I got addicted to cars; I have my dad to thank for that, while he might not be the world's biggest petrolhead, he used to get me a new toy car every week, any automotive magazine he would come across, take me to every local car show, let me shift my first gears in his Cypress Green 1998 Honda Civic EX as he drives, and most importantly, tell me stories about all the cars he had growing up. 

While I do enjoy a lot of cars from many different manufacturers, Mustangs have always had a special place in my heart, and I couldn't tell you why, we all know that they're not the best cars in the world, but I guess we'll call it blind love. I had always dreamed of owning a Mustang, and sharing the experience with all my family and friends. While my own Mustang hasn't come around yet, the social platform has, and 48,372 followers later, seems that people like it!

The mission of Mustang Hunters has always been to showcase the best Mustangs around. We're literally hunting the internet for the "Best Mustang", I guess in the year 2065, we might finally select the best Mustang we've found to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Ford Mustang. 

With the launch of this website, Mustang Hunters is expanding into a different dimension. While Mustang Hunters will always be a social media account first and foremost, it'll also have a store attached to it selling mustang parts and accessories, a used product marketplace for everyone in this community to buy/sell/trade their cars or car parts, as well as other features that we'll add over time as it grows. 

So, here I am, started off thinking I'm just going to copy MrJWW's "About Us" page, ended up two hours later with quite a personal write up. Its almost five in the morning, my neighbor's Rav4's alarm has spontaneously gone off two more times. If you've got this far, then you must have given this "About Us" page more than the 2 second industry average, and this is my opportunity to thank you really. Thank you for coming to the site, if you’re an existing follower, thanks for supporting the page, and if you’re not then thanks for taking the time to read this far and feel free to visit our page here! www.instagram.com/mustang_hunters/ (and if you're MrJWW, thank you for the inspiration!)

We’re just 2 years into this crazy but incredible adventure and I feel like we’re just scratching the surface. While I am simply learning things as I go while at the same time juggling university and a few other things, I hope that you be patient, supportive, and most importantly, excited to join me for what should be an awesome ride!